What brings you to the warehouse today, Mr. Abernathy?
Well, I'm very concerned about the recent shipment from Japan. I've heard it's stuck in customs and we have a lot of orders for combines and tractors at our distribution centers. Please explain to me why I can't fill these orders?
Unfortunately, there's been a mix up with the bill of lading. The supplier sent the 3PL one bill of lading for both the ro-ro and the cargo container.
Speak English man! What the Sam hill is a 3PP and ro-ro?
The 3PL is 3rd party logistics, in this case World Wide Shipping. The container products are on one ship in sea cans and the ro-ro products are on another ship because they are too big to fit in the sea cans. They call them ro-ro because you have to roll them on and off the ships.
That sounds like some kind of slang my daughter would use, like yolo. I don't even know what that means. Do you think it's some kind of code for some kind of shenanigans these kids are getting up to these days?
I think it means "you only live once," Mr. Abernathy.
So what's the plan now? When can I tell my clients they will have their equipment?
I'm sorry to say, it's hard to predict. The goods that came by container are sitting at customs in Seattle, but the ro-ro, sorry the cargo that's not in containers is still crossing the Pacific.
Well, can I at least get those? That's the tractors, right?
Yes, it's the tractors, but the problem is that because the supplier screwed up and put everything on one bill of lading, customs won't let anything out without all the items on the bill of lading. And then once everything reaches customs the customs broker will try to get everything through as fast as he can.
I'm surprised that the Japanese could drop the ball like this. I think I'm going to have to call Mr. Ishimoto and give him a piece of my mind.
Okay sir, and on my end I'll try to get an ETA for the rest of the shipment and keep you up-to-date on everything.
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Что такое глобализация? Развитие мировой экономики? Или потеря рабочих мест и уничтожение окружающей среды? Герои нашего диалога пишут итоговую работу на тему "Глобализация", взвешивая все плюсы и минусы, в то время как мы помогаем разобраться с терминологией.

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Таможенный контроль в аэропорту

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Работаете в сфере международной торговли и логистики? Собираетесь на переговоры с иностранными партнерами? Тогда урок, посвященный импорту станет вашим помощником. Мы, вместе с Мистером Абернаси и его сотрудником, разбираем термины, связанные с перемещением грузов через границу.

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