Well thanks for letting me interview you for my school paper on video bloggers, Mrs. Cameron. Your YouTube channel is so popular now. I know my mom absolutely loves it and uses a lot of your tips.
Oh that's so nice to hear, Tristan. So, what did you want to ask me?
First can you tell me a bit about your channel?
Sure! Well, my video blog gives tips on how to live organically and make your own organic products at home. Right now I have 60,000 subscribers and get an average of about 100,000 views per video.
Wow, that's pretty cool. Can you give me some advice on how to become a popular video blogger and boost viewership of your channel?
Well, when I first started I wasn't very YouTube savvy, I had to read up a lot on how to have an effective blog. I think the first thing, really the most important thing, is to have a subject that people are really interested in and that you're knowledgeable about. People are really big on clean living and the environment these days, and I used to be a chemist so I know a lot about the active ingredients in household products.
Okay, so pick an interesting topic that you know about.
Yeah, and in the beginning I didn't do that well because I had my son filming me while I sat on the couch and just talked. The picture was all shaky and it was pretty dull. When I finally invested in a better camera and a tripod and then got off my ass and moved around, actually showing people how to make the products, my views jumped.
So don't just sit and talk, and also make sure you have a good quality picture.
It's also really important to let your personality shine. I'm a naturally bubbly person so this has come easy for me. He he he. It's also important to engage your audience and make it interactive. I often end my videos with a question to the audience and they can leave their answers in the comments sections.
Show your character and involve the audience.
In the end, you have to bite the bullet and just jump in front of the camera. You learn as you go.
Thanks for all your help, Mrs. Cameron. I think I can expect an A on my report, my teacher also loves your channel.
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